Review of Kingsman and Announcement

I just watched ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service‘ a few days ago, and I must say I love it! 😀

The story is exciting, the CG are great (I usually can’t stand bad CG, especially those Mainland ones), those actors are fantastic, and the background music and actions matched so well that I had so much fun watching it. Harry Hart aka Colin Firth is freaking hot BTW!

Watching this action-comedy movie with my friend and fangirl together to Colin Firth’s fighting scenes was the greatest decision ever. Seeing her fangirling, I’m like ‘you finally know the charm of uncles!’

I wont write any summary because I’m lazy, and I watch the movie without any information at all except for the fact that many people love it. I guess no expectation is the best way to be impressed. 😉

But I need to warn you that there’s a lot of swearing and accent (I had a hard time understanding what they’re talking about), if you are below 18 then too bad for you since it’s R18.

Colin Firth as Harry Hart and Taron Egerton as Eggsy

Seriously, they’re too hot! I need those glasses right now.

For those who thought that this is a Wallace Chung unrelated post, you are wrong! lol Read below.


So me and other Wallace Chung’s fans have decided to set up a new blog dedicated to him over here. Since there’ll be a blog for WC, this blog might turn into a personal blog that I’ll write anything I like, that is if I ever post anything again lol.


Warriors of The City – The dirty Wallace

Warriors of The City

So I’m currently watching Warriors of The City up to ep 36 over 40 and decide to make a post about it since I need to write something to practice my writing skill. ><

This drama is about the story of the fall of 1943, the eve of the outbreak of the Battle of Changde, a small police He PingAn(Wallace Chung) quiet life for nine years as a Red Army veterans, underground party members come to an end as he exposed his identity when trying to save people of Changde from Japanese amry. And at the same time entangled a love story between He PingAn and Shen XiangNing the daughter of the local biggest rice supplier.

See what I mean by dirty Wallace? 😀 still hot tho!

If you’re a Wallace-Uniform fans then you’d like this drama since he’ll be wearing police uniform to nationalist & Japanese army uniform to fill all your needs! 😉

Besides all these eyes candy(Wallace is the only eyes candy tho, the second male lead is… I don’t know how to comment on him… he make me wanna sleep Zzz) the good story line is another reason to keep me watching although there’s many flash back in the second half, it really feels like a warfare situation with everything won’t come out just as planned since anything can happen in war and anyone would die.

But since I’m going finish this drama soon I’m sad now… what should I watch til next year… đŸ˜„